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Serene campus atmosphere to impress doesn’t Guarantee for a Credible Qualification lasting a lifetime. Government University Qualifications from us will outlive your career. Only @ Sri Nandhanam Maritime Academy.

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Monday-Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 4.30pm
Sunday: Weekly Holiday


Nandhanam Colleges, Tirupattur, TN, 635602


95 4354 4354


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Describe your query requirement in detail for our counsellors to respond. You will also receive a series of 7 emails to enlighten on aspects and magnificence of a career in Sailing. Alternatively, you can also schedule a Counseling Call by using Schedule a “Phone Call Button”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this College Located?

In the Industrial Corridor between Bangalore to Chennai Highway.  In northern part of Tamil Nadu State bordering Karnataka.  2 Hours drive from Bangalore Airport to Tirupattur Town.  Alternatively, 3 Hours drive from Chennai Airport.  Jolarpettai Railway Junction (JTJ) being Railway Station of Tirupattur is well connected with rest of the Country with almost 200 daily trains.

Want to know more on Maritime Careers?

On filling Contact Form in this website or mailing using email form above, You will be auto subscribed to a briefing mailing list of 7 emails series sent on alternative days. It will address all your issues, concerns and also provide insight into intricacies of Maritime Training.

Why do I need to Schedule a Call?

General calls to Institution Phone No: 95 4354 4354 are attended by generic Staff Members registering inquiries alone. Career Counselors with expertise into industry insights will connect over phone and assist as per their priors bookings/ availability alone.  Use “Schedule a Phone Call” button to fix a suitable appointment time with them easily.

How long will it take for responses to my emails?

We have an internal SLA for responding to admissions related email queries within next two days (48 hours from enquiry).  Feel welcomed to write to us.  Alternatively, you can message us using contact forms in each of the pages.

When will an unresponded Chat be replied?

Chats are usually attended while counselors are available.  Even if missed, it will responded within the same working day or by beginning of the next working day.

Where do I contact for "after" admission queries?

Email Students Enrollment Helpdesk of Admissions Office at  They are committed ensure your onboarding experience a breeze.  Response SLA, within next 2 working days.

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No need to waste resources for luxury in training at higher fees for fancy brand names. Sailing Careers being humbly as a Trainee with compromised comforts.  SNMA is an approved credible institution simplistic in its approach with over a decade of experience in Maritime Training.

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