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We meet all your expectations from a Presea Training Institution for commencing your career in Merchant Navy. From Enrollment as a Cadet to Training, Documentation, Placement and retraining for CoC Rank Exams, we assist your entire training lifecycle requirements. Career with Merchant Ships, Cruise Vessels or Offshore Platforms, feel welcomed to email or submit enquiry form for further  guidance.


100% Placement Guarantee for All Cadets


Hand Holding till CoC Exams after Sailing


Easy Fees with Bank Loan Eligibility


Upto 30% Merit Scholarships for Deserving


Credible Qualifications by Govt Universities, DGS


Institute Approved by DGS, AICTE, Govt of India

One chance to choose Career

Choose wisely among Maritime Careers. Opportunities on Shore, Off-Shore and in Sailing.  Unmatched Global Pay Scales.


All Presea Courses

All DGS approved Indian Flag Presea Courses at a Single MTI at a Single Campus

Digitized Institution

Sufficient Digital Infra to aid your Academic, Career Success. Online & Offline.


Strict Discipline

Strict Adhere to DGS Daily Routines along with Strict Discipline, Cultural Ethos

Excellent Connectivity

Well Connected by Daily Trains. Easy Reach by Air (2 Hrs Drive from Bangalore) 

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Approved Courses For Earning YOur Seamen Docs

Visit Admissions Portal:  Learn More about Eligibility, Fees, Admissions Process and Getting Selected for Upcoming Session. Obtain all Your Docs while Training Itself:


Presea TAR Book & OBT TAR Book


INDoS, CDC, EXN 45, Passport


STCW BST, OTFC, CTFC & Medical Fitness


Marlins TOSE - Ratings & Officer Cadet Levels


Corporate Certifications for Employment Edge


Certified Internships/ Workshops for Addl Skill


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EDGE over peers in employment

Well Structured Training Curriculum and Methodology.  Apart from University/ DGS Curriculum, Course Fees Package includes Training for everything else to make you preferable in Employment over other job seekers. 


Additional Secondary Qualifications


Value Added Corporate Certifications


Internship/ Externship & Apprenticeships


Ship & Port Visits, Sailing Familiarisation

alumni Testimonials

“I fondly remember those College Days during presea training at SNMA. Recollecting all those attitude moulding experiences having groomed us into Sailing Profession. Wishing College many more decades of successful service to the fraternity.” 

N Manivannan, Dredging Corporation of India

“Career at High Seas had been a passion. SNMA had made it come true. Greatfully remembering all those Chief Engineers and Faculty Members for moulding us into this magnificent Profession of Sailing during study years. Wishing our College to achieve many more milestones in its educational services in Maritime Training”

M Sylvester, Dynacom Tankers Ltd

“Unforgettable memories of training years at College.  Those days still remains as a pleasent experience to recollect and share. Wishing many more accolades to our College SNMA in future also”

R Iyyappan, V Ship Management Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Courses & MTI Approved?

Yes. All Courses are approved by DGS and other relevant Government Regulators for those specific courses.  Institute approved under MTI ID: 404146 Sri Nandhanam College of Engineering and Technology.

What is Placement Guarantee Program?

We ensure trained student cadets are placed for On-Board-Training on a Foreign Going Vessel before 12 months from the date of Successful Graduation of their chosen course. This program offered for cadet enrollments from Academic Year 2020-21 to B.Sc., Nautical Science, GME, B.E., Marine (1st Year enrollment) Courses as part of the training Package.

How does Fees Refund on Non Placement Work?

If you are not provided Placement as per timeline, you get exempted from payment of Rs. 1 Lakh Placement Facilitation Fees apart from getting Rebate of Rs. 3 Lakhs from Fees Package Paid. Total Benefit of Rs. 4 Lakhs on non placement which can be used by you for availing OBT Placement elsewhere or through your own sources.

Do Students Get Placement Agreement?

Yes.  Every student cadet specifically enrolled for this Placement Guarantee Program before commencement of the Course gets an agreement within 5 days of course commencement, with complete detailing of all concerned parameters.

Are These Courses Eligible for Education Loan?

No. This program is optional alone. Student Cadets with their own contacts in Shipping / Seafaring Profession, capable of availing their own Placement need not enroll for this program. Students aiming for NCV Sailing and not opting for Foreign Going Sailing also need not enroll for this placement program.  Fees Remission applicable in both of the above cases. Email us for more details.

Is Placement Assistance denied to non enrollers?

No. Regular Placement Assistance as in conventional practice including Off Campus interview facilitation at the offices of Shipping/ Manning Companies in Mumbai/ Chennai are done to all student cadets qualified and eligible for the same in all courses.  Placement Guarantee Program offered as an additional optional package to willing Cadets pursuing GP Rating, CCMC, ETO Courses but included as part of package for BSc NS, BE Marine and GME Courses.

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Pursue an approved credible course qualification with excellent academic training for a high paying global career in Sailing, all at a reasonable cost. We meet all your expectations and also ensure that you stay at an edge over your peers in employment considerations.

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